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At City Legal, we believe in building lasting, fruitful partnerships with our linguists.

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We're told we are a good agency to work for and it's a reputation we've worked hard to achieve and maintain.

We offer various positions within different areas of the company and if you are looking for freelance interpreter and translator jobs within our business then please send us your details. We are an enthusiastic and friendly team of language specialists constantly looking to strengthen our team.

Our criteria for translation and interpreting professionals is as follows:

  • Five years' professional translating or interpreting experience.
  • All translators must translate exclusively into their mother tongue.
  • All linguists must hold a recognised qualification and/or membership of an industry body such as the Institute of Translation and Interpreting or Chartered Institute of Linguists.

We are always looking for new translators in any language and currently have a particular requirement for translators in the following areas:

  • German legal translators (both directions)
  • Spanish/ French/ Italian to English legal translators
  • English to French legal translators
  • English to French financial translators
  • Hampshire based interpreters
  • Japanese translators
  • Scandinavian legal translators (particularly Swedish into English)
  • Scandinavian financial translators (particularly Swedish into English)
  • Legal interpreters
  • Patent translators

Please send your CV and cover letter to

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Click here to add notes or to select multiple languages or files. (Maximum file size: 10mb)