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Remote Interpreting

We can support your online interpreting requirements and our interpreters are well-versed in different types of online platforms.

Remote Interpreting

City Legal can provide interpreting by telephone and video to facilitate legal cases being conducted remotely:

  • Traditional conference call dial-in
  • Mobile and video interpreting via digital platforms
  • Interpreters matched by subject and language
  • NRPSI interpreters available

As organisations find new ways to continue their operations after lockdown, there is an increasing demand for remote interpreting.

Our interpreters are happy to work on a wide range of platforms – either by traditional conference call dial-in arrangements or by numerous digital platforms such as Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

Telephone calls and video meetings can be arranged with an interpreter who is matched to specific requirements by language and area of law.

Our experienced mother tongue video and call interpreters understand the need for clarity, accuracy and professionalism to ensure all remote communications are conducted as smoothly and proficiently as possible.

  • Interpreters matched to your requirement by subject, language and location
  • NRPSI interpreters available
  • Network of qualified, fully experienced court interpreters

Each party in the communications are interpreted consecutively with time to repeat and clarify specific legal points in the conversation and discussion.

Our dedicated team will provide the necessary support to make the arrangements for remote video and call interpreting and facilitate specific requirements.

City Legal's remote interpreting services ensure it is business as usual for legal practices and organisations.

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