How to avoid delays, court cases and financial penalties

Posted on 01 Jun 2014

How to avoid delays, court cases and financial penalties

The translation of financial and legal documents is a precise and exact process.

With financial and legal translations, it is less about transcreation (transcreation translates highly creative language and ensures that when the message is taken outside its source language, it stays strong, relevant and effective) and more about precise accuracy and maintaining meaning in another language.

Accuracy, the use of a human translator using their mother tongue, and experience are all qualities that we have in our professional translators. If a translation in the financial sector goes wrong it is not just an inconvenience - it can have major consequences.

An example of this came from a recent news article.  A by-law in Myanmar (Burma) to do with telecommunications was delayed due to translation errors from English to Myanmar versions. The translation was not deemed to be adequate and so the by-law was delayed which meant that rules governing issuing of licences to private telecom companies was also delayed.


To ensure that you receive an accurate and confidential service, do not cut corners. Choose a company with experience in this area and ask for testimonials or references from past clients.

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