Meet The City Legal Team: Laura Keiser

Posted on 21 May 2018

City Legal's team comes from varied backgrounds, and none more so than one of our Proofreading team, Laura Keiser.

Laura joined our in-house team in January to offer backup to our translators and quality assurance to our clients, via a wealth of language expertise and business experience. The 24-year-old, from Hanover, Germany, is fluent in English and Spanish, has a degree in International Communication and Translations from the University of Hildesheim, and has spent considerable time working across Australia.

Laura's role involves proof-reading translations into German and liaising with clients and translators. She works on varied documents, including contracts, patents, and business documentation, and has aspirations to eventually become a full-time translator. Although this is her first role in the industry, Laura is no stranger to the workplace. 'As part of my degree, I undertook two internships – one at the European Parliament in Brussels and the other at NDR TV station in Hamburg. They were fantastic experiences and really helped me to prepare to put my language skills into practice.'

As well as her two internships, Laura spent a year of her degree living in Spain and studying at the University of Cordoba. Three months into her role at City Legal, Laura has nothing but praise. 'It's very good so far and I'm really happy. The team I work with is great; we help each other out and really pull together. I also like the location of the office and the office itself,' said Laura.

Laura likes to use her foreign language skills both in – and out – of the workplace. 'I really enjoy languages and being able to make use of them. Being a native speaker in another country is always fun, as is meeting people from different backgrounds,' she added.

Dan Peachey, City Legal's Commercial Director said that Laura has become a valued member of the Proofreading team. 'Laura's only been with us a few months but she's fitted in perfectly and has demonstrated an impressive level of dedication and conscientiousness since day one.

'She has a natural aptitude for languages and translation, along with an insight into business processes, and we are particularly impressed with her eye for detail,' added Dan. "At City Legal, all our proofreaders have translation qualifications as a minimum- many with Masters in Translation. We feel it's vital to the quality of our translations."

Laura sees herself as a hobby gardener so when she isn't putting her language skills to work at City Legal, she enjoys running her allotment, walking, cycling, and traveling.


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