Specialist services for your sector

Posted on 01 Oct 2015

Specialist services for your sector

The legal world is multi-faceted and features a host of sectors from family law and the financial services industry to intellectual property and immigration law.

Here's an at-a-glance guide to the translation, interpretation and transcription services we provide to some of the key legal sectors:

Family law:

With sensitivity and confidentiality at the forefront of our family law services, we work with solicitors and organisations such as Cafcass to provide a comprehensive range of family law language services. These include:

  • court interpretation
  • document and marriage contract translation
  • video and audio transcription for court.

Intellectual property:

Our subject matter specialists are technically accurate, understand global markets and are native language translators, which means your patent projects are in safe hands. Here's how we can help:

  • licensing agreement and patent claim translation
  • translation of patent dispute documentation and sworn affidavits
  • translation of priority certificates, notice of appeal and reasons for refusal.

Immigration Law:

Language barriers are broken down professionally, reliably and with empathy thanks to our highly skilled immigration interpreters and translators, hand-picked for every project. We can assist with:

  • courtroom and interview interpretation
  • translation of legal documents and papers
  • interpretation of disputes or misunderstandings.

Business Law:

Our language services help alleviate some of the stress of starting a new business by ensuring every legal document is translated to the letter by subject matter experts. Our services to start-ups include:

  • translation of Articles of Association or company registration documents
  • translation of accounts, references or financial statements
  • transcriptions for tribunals.

Financial Services Industry:

Accuracy is everything when it comes to translating for the banking and financial sector. City Legal's financial experts are on the money every time with their high quality confidential translation services which include:

  • translation of FSA compliance documentation and Due Diligence reports
  • financial tender translation
  • translation of annual accounts

Find out how City Legal can provide a word perfect service for your sector by calling us on 01329 828438 or email info@citylegal.co.uk

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