Celebrating International Translation Day with City Legal

Posted on 29 Sep 2022

International Translation Day is celebrated every year on September 30th, to recognise translators and language professionals all around the world, in celebration of the Feast of St. Jerome; the Patron Saint of Translators. 


This year, the focus is ‘A World Without Barriers’, highlighting that every culture and language deserves global respect. Here at City Legal, we will be celebrating International Translation Day as a team by raising awareness of the indispensable role of being a translator. 


Translators and language professionals work to bring nations together by creating precise dialogue that improves cooperation and builds better relationships with everyone, everywhere. Read on to find out more about International Translation Day and what it means to us. 


Where did International Translation Day come from?


In a world of diverse cultures, with over 7,100 unique languages spoken every single day, the work of translators is so incredibly important as it supports us in communicating across cultures. This is why, in 1991, the International Federation of Translators (the FIT) declared the first formal International Translation Day as a day of celebration. 


In May 2017, the United Nations recognised the importance of International Translation Day and declared September 30th as the official day for celebration, in honour of Italian priest, St. Jerome who was renowned for his efforts in translating the New Testament from Greek to Latin. 


How can we celebrate International Translation Day and support translators around the world?


With September 30th fast approaching, there are loads of great ways to participate in International Translation Day, such as attending an international event, or by making a donation to small organisations who work in the field of international relations. As translators, we understand the importance of bridging the gap between languages and cultures; which is why international relations are so important to us. 


Or, simply just spread the word to raise awareness of this important day! 


Each language has its own rule book. 


Here at City Legal, we pride ourselves on putting our client's requirements first and, as such, understand there is not a one-size fits all approach to translation. So if you’re in need of some Translation services, get in touch or visit our dedicated page


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