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Unveiling Christmas Traditions from Our Multinational Team

Posted on 18 Dec 2023

At City Legal, our strength lies in our diversity. Our multinational team brings together a wealth of experiences, perspectives, and traditions that enrich our company culture. As we approach the festive season, we take delight in sharing heartwarming recollections of Christmases past and treasured customs from our global team.

Have you ever wondered how different countries and cultures celebrate Christmas... Our colleagues have graciously shared their Christmas traditions with us.


Our Spanish colleagues, Mireia and Irene, offer insights into their beloved Christmas customs.

Irene explains: “In Spain, it is not Santa Claus who delivers the presents; rather, Spanish children eagerly await the arrival of the Three Kings (or Three Wise Men) on the 6th of January. The day before their arrival, the highlight of Spanish Christmas unfolds as a spectacular parade where the 3 Kings shower sweets upon children, filling the streets with excitement”.

Mireia adds: “We enjoy a New Year’s Eve dinner with family and the tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight to welcome the New Year. Each grape symbolises a month in the coming year bestowing good luck. It’s a comical moment as not everyone manages to finish with the twelfth chime and people tend to end up with a mouth full of grapes and struggle to say, ‘Happy New Year’!”.


Ester and Tatiana, originating from Slovakia, provide a glimpse into their Christmas traditions. “St. Nicholas Day on December 6th stands out, with candy placed in children’s shoes overnight, a reward for good behaviour. Christmas, celebrated on the 24th of December entails preparations, baking and enjoying festive songs”.

Tatiana elaborates, "Families often fast throughout the day hoping to spot a golden pig. We crack 4 walnuts to symbolise the seasons and the promise of a healthy year. The feast includes sauerkraut soup, fish, and potato salad, followed by the exchange of presents and heartwarming conversations, games or Christmas movies".


Anu, our Project Manager from Switzerland shares her traditions: “We welcome the “Samichlaus” (Saint Nick) who resembles Father Christmas and visits on the 6th of December. The idea is that he assesses children’s behaviour throughout the year and rewards them with a jute bag filled with treats. Accompanied by one or two “Schmutzlis”, unkempt figures in black cloaks meant to deter ‘mischievous children’, the Schmutzlis can evoke a bit of trepidation.

It’s not Father Christmas who bestows the gifts, but rather the “Christkind” or “Christkindli” (baby Jesus). Parents discreetly place presents under the Christmas tree during the evening, ringing a small bell to signify that Christkind has visited. Children eagerly rush into the living room, awestruck by the sight of gifts under the tree!”.


Shirin shares that “festivities begin on the 6th of December. St. Nicholas, patron saint of children, is celebrated on this day. Children polish their boots and leave them in front of their doors or windowsills to be filled with small gifts, chocolate and fruit, such as apples and tangerines. The evening of the 24th is when we celebrate Christmas, with a feast of goose, turkey or venison accompanied by boiled potatoes or traditional “Kartoffelknödel”.

The Netherlands:

Simone, our proofreader, reflects on Dutch traditions, where St. Nicholas’ Eve (5th of December) holds significance. “That was the day when we would exchange presents etc., have 'pepernoten' and 'speculaas' and little ones placing their shoes in front of the fireplace in the evening, and singing a traditional St. Nicholas song. Children would wake to find small gifts or sweets in their shoes. While we leave carrots for St. Nicholas' horse, I don’t recall leaving anything for St. Nicholas himself. We then celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December and dinner can be whatever people fancy”.


At City Legal, we embrace and celebrate the enriching tapestry of diversity and cultural traditions that make us stronger and more inclusive. This holiday season, we invite you to explore the Christmas memories and traditions from our team. May these stories kindle appreciation for the global spirit of togetherness and unity that makes this season truly magical.

Warmest wishes for a joyful and inclusive holiday season from all of us at City Legal!


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