Word perfect proofreading every time

Posted on 01 Oct 2013

Word perfect proofreading every time

Updating your Facebook status, sending out a tweet, writing a rushed email to your colleague... today's communication is instant, high speed and all about the here and now. So does it really matter about the odd spelling mistake, the incorrect use of there/their or typing 'u' rather than 'you' to save time?

A recent article in The Guardian suggests that language is very much 'horses for courses' - what's fine for texting a friend would be inappropriate for writing a will. We concur.

However when it comes to proofreading legal documents we're sticklers for spelling, grammar and accuracy - there's no room for error or sloppiness. So why not take the pressure off your to-do list with our professional proofreading service? It will save you valuable time and resources and provides complete peace of mind.

We know that when it comes to legal contracts, certificates or articles, almost is not acceptable. The misspelling of just one word can alter the meaning and intention, and the result? Well, it's not worth thinking about.

Whether it's medical, legal or public documents you need proofreading, our City Legal experts will get to work on the words in no time so you can focus on the day job. We not only proofread foreign language translations and English text but our highly skilled team can undertake first class legal translations quickly, efficiently and accurately.

So whilst The Guardian tells us not to stress over certain grammar rules and that correct isn't always best, here at City Legal correct is king. Dan Peachey, Translation Manager for City Legal Translations said "The power of proofreading should never be underestimated, especially in the legal world where every word has serious implications.

"Although The Guardian believes we can now forget certain language laws and that perfect grammatical English isn't always essential, we've seen the demand for our proofreading services, both for English text and foreign language translations, ramp up in recent times. It's great that clients understand how important it is to have their work proofread by professionals who are au fait with the legal industry and mother-tongue translators" said Dan.

To find out more about how our proofreading services can lighten your load and why 16 out of the UK's top 20 law firms choose City Legal, simply email info@citylegal.co.uk or call 0800 0966 825.


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